Why McKennaMUN?

Feedback Focus

At McKennaMUN, we do not make assumptions. We ask delegates, advisors, parents, and Model UN consultants what makes a conference great, then we do our best to implement those suggestions. After the conference, we ask everyone how we did and what still needs improvement. It’s that simple. The McKennaMUN staff works hard to deliver the spectacular conference that you deserve. We cater our committees, order food, plan delegate socials, and tailor the conference experience to the wishes of our attendees.

The conference is for you — and we remember that.

Unmatched Resources

Some of you might not have heard of Claremont McKenna College. With only 1,300 students and an average class size of under 20 students, CMC is a very small institution. Our small size comes with numerous advantages. Our faculty is renowned for its ability to engage with and foster close relationships with students. As a result, we are able to bring dynamic (and incredibly accomplished) guest speakers to every committee. As decorated as these speakers may be — previous years have featured former members of the Bureau of Economic Advisors, European Commission (the foreign policy arm of the EU), Rand Corporation, and Harvard Institute of International Development — they are equally successful at lecturing in the small classrooms they lead at Claremont McKenna. This potent combination adds a different dimension to the committee experience, and many advisors in the past have highlighted guest lectures as some of the best features of the conference. Other advantages include an easily navigable campus and modern facilities.

A Taste of Claremont McKenna

The CMC Model UN Team that hosts McKennaMUN has been ranked highly nationwide since its inception in 2010. In the 2018-2019 North American College Model UN Final Rankings, the team secured a spot in the top 10! The team also secured their fourth World MUN championship this year. This means that McKennaMUN committee chairs, assistant committee chairs, and secretariat members are no stranger to the demands of the highest quality Model United Nations conferences. We know the frustration that chairs can sometimes incite. We know what it feels like when “that one delegate ALWAYS gets called on.” Claremont McKenna College students are widely-regarded as some of the happiest students in the country, and we will work tirelessly to deliver a positive experience to every McKennaMUN attendee so you leave just as happy as we are at CMC. And of course, in true McKennaMUN fashion, we always welcome your feedback during and after the conference so we can work toward improving your experience next year!

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