Conference Policies

We strive to ensure that McKennaMUN is an open, transparent and efficient conference that facilitates engagement and provides delegates with a rich experience that allows them to grow and develop. For more details on our policies, please contact the secretariat.

Laptops and other Electronic Devices

In order to ensure that the conference is accessible to delegates from a broad range of delegates, we do not allow any electronic devices to be used during the conference. All material will be handwritten. Delegates are allowed to bring printed/handwritten notes. Working Papers, Draft Resolutions and Directives will be projected using Document Cameras.

Research and Pre-Written Material

McKennaMUN requires that delegates prepare extensively and complete exhaustive research prior to the start of the conference. Background guides will be distributed for each committee to provide delegates with a starting point for research, however we expect that all delegates will go above and beyond in researching their positions. We further encourage all delegates to bring their research with them to the conference so they can refer to it during the weekend and support their position with facts and evidence.

We do not allow any pre-written material. All Working Papers, Draft Resolutions and Directives must be written during the conference. Notes and brainstorming prior to arrival are encouraged, but all documents must be handwritten during the conference.


We maintain the highest standards of academic integrity throughout the conference. All of our background guides are reviewed by college professors and meet their exacting standards. Similarly, we expect that delegates adhere to principles of academic integrity. If a delegate is found to have plagiarised, they will be asked to leave the conference and we will be forced to consider suspending them from future conferences. Additionally, we will speak to their advisor and take further steps as deemed appropriate.

Award Policy

Please download our policy on awards here.

Rules of Procedure

Please download our Rules of Procedure here.

Position Paper Policies

McKennaMUN VII position papers are due to Directors one week before the start of the conference, on April 6th at 11:59 PM. Director emails are included in the Background Guides of each committee in the Director Letter section of the guide. Formatting specifications are Times New Roman, 12-point font, 1.5 spacing. Delegates should draft one page per topic, acknowledging that a number of committees have only one topic, only one position paper will be required for those committees. Content is traditionally arranged into three paragraphs. The first describes the topic of the committee, the second describes your assignment’s relationship to the topic, and the third proposes solutions to the topic at hand.

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