Pedagogy and Class Curriculum

EnviroLab encourages teaching and learning on environmental issues in Asia through offering course development or redevelopment awards to faculty. The courses advance the guiding principles of EnviroLab, establish innovative pedagogical models for studying environmental issues in East and Southeast Asia and integrate closely with related and disparate courses, initiatives, and projects across the Claremont Colleges. EnviroLab also aims to advance Asian-language learning about environmental issues.

Please note the school abbreviations:

CMC = Claremont McKenna College
SCR = Scripps College
HMC = Harvey Mudd College
POM = Pomona College
PTZ = Pitzer College


Spring 2021

  • EA030E: Environmental Science of East Asia, POM, Professor Marc Los Huertos
  • MUS170 H/F: Voice, SCR, Professor Anne Harley

Fall 2020

  • CHEM139, Environmental Chemistry, Keck Science, Professor Katie Purvis Roberts
  • HST 174 Design Activism, Professor Albert Park
  • MUS92: Voice for Musical Theatre, SCR, Professor Anne Harley
  • CHIN121 Digital News Readings in Chinese, POM, Professor Feng Xiao

Spring 2020

  • ASAM 179F: Introduction to Pacific Islander History, HMC, Professor Alfred Flores, Asian American Studies
  • H161:Modern Korean History: Creation, Emergence and Transformation, CMC, Professor Albert Park, History

Fall 2019

  • ASAM88: Thích Nhất Hạnh, Sociology and Asian American Studies, PTZ, Professor Kathy Yep

Spring 2019

  • HIST 101: Popular Movements in East Asia, POM, Professor Angelina Chin
  • MS120: Animal Media Studies, HMC, Professor Rachel Mayeri

Fall 2018

  • RLST034: Islam in Motion, CMC, Professor Jamel Velji
  • GWC172: Race, Gender, and the Environment, POM, Professor Aimee Bahng
  • THEA001A Basic Acting: Tools & Fundamentals, POM, Professor Giovanni Ortega

Spring 2018

  • BIOL104, Conservation Biology, POM, Professor Wallace Meyer
  • CHEM139, Environmental Chemistry, Keck Science, Professor Katie Purvis Roberts
  • Economics 171, Environmental Economics, CMC, Professor Mary Evans

Fall 2017

  • ENGR038, Introduction to Life Cycle Assessment and Sustainable Environmental Design, HMC, Professor Tanja Srebotnjak
  • POLI –168, International Relations of East Asia, POM, Professor Tom Le

Spring 2016

  • Korean 100: Readings in Korean Literature and Culture, Professor Minju Kim
  • Comparative Environmental Politics, HMC, Professor Paul F. Steinberg,
  • EA 162 Gender, Environment, and Development, PIT, Professor Melinda Herrold-Menzies

Fall 2015

  • Mobilizing Art: Creating Activist Performances, SCR, Professor Anne Harley
  • Time & Space in Modern Japan, POM, Professor Kyoko Kurita
  • EA10/30L Introduction to Science and the Environment, POM, Marc Los Huertos
  • Chinese 125: Modern Chinese Literature, Professor Claire Li
  • Freshman Humanities Seminar 10.10: Nature and Society, CMC, Professor Tamara Venit-Shelton
  • EA30L Science and the Environment, Keck Science, Professor Branwen Williams