An initiative at the Claremont Colleges that is a laboratory for cross-disciplinary research and experiential learning on environmental issues.

EnviroLab 2022-2023

The EnviroLab Class and Clinic trip is a unique experience that embodies a liberal arts approach to understanding environmental issues. Course content will include guest lecturers from disciplinary backgrounds in the sciences, humanities, and social sciences that will share their discipline’s methodological approaches. The Envirolab Clinic trip will explore the intersection of science and policy through understanding the role of the ocean in providing societal resilience. We will research current policy, historical/cultural approaches, and future needs to understand the health of economically significant fisheries in the face of increasingly adverse environmental conditions. Themes covered will include environmental, biological, economic, policy and technological factors that contribute to the sustainability in the Gulf of Maine. Faculty and students will engage in co-production of knowledge, systems thinking, quantitative analysis, communication, and engagement with communities. If you have any questions, please contact Manny Garcia, EnviroLab Project Administrator at


Guiding Principles

  • Produce new knowledge regarding the interaction between nature, the built environment, and human populations in Asia and globally
  • Utilize cross-disciplinary approaches
  • Encourage 5C exchanges and communication
  • Increase member influence on environmental issues

EnviroLab supports a series of learning activities and a rich curriculum. The initiative aims to bring students and faculty together to integrate classroom learning, the development of language skills, and research applications in ways that bridge disciplines and campuses in Claremont and across the Pacific. To that end, the core components of the program are: