Conferences & Workshops

EnviroLab sponsors and hosts a variety of events open to the public and conferences with other colleges and universities

1. Regional LIASE Conferences

The Regional LIASE Conference brought together the LIASE grantees in Southern California (Occidental College, Whittier College, and The Claremont Colleges) to learn from each program’s slate of research, curriculum, and program activities. The Regional LIASE Conference provided students and faculty from all seven institutions a unique opportunity to share findings and discuss ideas with a group of participants immersed in this unique field of study. Hosted in spring 2016 at Pitzer College and spring 2018 at Whitter College.

2. Korea at Nature’s Edge Conference

The Korea at Nature’s Edge Conference covered environmental issues on the Korean Peninsula and was supported by EnviroLab and UC Irvine.

3. Workshop for Change

Workshop for Change is an effort to “bring Asia to Claremont” where EnviroLabAsia invites practitioners from across Asia to speak on how to connect theory and practice toward solving environmental issues.

Former Speakers: 

  • Malaysian Chinese composer Yii Kah Hoe (Workshop for Change 2015- Malaysia, Borneo, & Singapore);
  • Artist and theatremaker Ruth Pongstaphone (Workshop for Change 2018- Thailand)
  • Caitlin Stronell, a Shinto priest who works with the Citizens’ Nuclear Information Center in Japan (Workshop for Change 2019- Japan)
  • Man Kei Tam, Department of Anthropology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong and Director, Amnesty International Hong Kong (Workshop for Change 2019- Japan)


4. Conference Support for Participants

EnviroLab has provided funding to faculty and students for travel to conferences on Asia and the environment.