Specialized Bodies

Arab League

Topic A: Female Employment

Topic B: Water and Conflict 

Background Guide: Arab League_FinalBG

Director Email: koneill21@cmc.edu

Arctic Council

Topic A: US-Russia Arctic Arms Race 

Topic B: The Future of Arctic Shipping Lanes 

Background Guide: ArcticCouncil_FinalBG

Director Email: kclarke22@cmc.edu

European Union

Topic: 2015 Migration Crisis

Background Guide: EU_FinalBG

Director Email: sbasin21@cmc.edu

International Atomic Energy Agency 

Topic A: Nuclear Waste and the Environment

Topic B: Nuclear Proliferation in North Korea

Background Guide: IAEA_FinalBG

Director Email: sdelapena22@cmc.edu

Organization of American States

Topic A:  The Rights of Indigenous People

Topic B:  Inter-American Drug Trade

Background Guide: OAS_FinalBG

Director Email: rmateo20@cmc.edu

United Nations Security Council (UNSC)

Topic A: Venezuela Food Crisis 

Topic B:  The Situation in Eastern Ukraine

Background Guide

Director Email: dalmaraz22@cmc.edu

African Union 

Topic A: Outside Economic Influence in Africa 

Topic B: Terrorism

Background Guide: AU_FinalBG

Director Email: sbogen23@cmc.edu


North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

Topic A: NATO Funding

Topic B: Russian Aggression

Background Guide: NATO_FinalBG

Director Email: jnoss20@cmc.edu